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"mafia." Def.3.Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913, Any tightly knit group of trusted associates.

"Food Truck Mafia." n., 2013, Kansas City's most respected group of independent food truck owner-operators delivering convenience, food and FUN!

We're not those scary guys in suits! 
              We're the fun food trucks!!

Looking for the best food trucks in Kansas City?  Look no farther.  You have found Kansas City's Food Truck Mafia!

We represent KC's most respected independent food truck operators and are bound together by a few common threads such as honesty, integrity and the passion for making the most insanely fresh and flavorful food you've ever wrapped your lips around!! Our rigs offer everything from those familiar comfort foods to exquisite items that hit you in the mouth and make you scream for more!   

While the food truck scene may be relatively new to the Midwest, our 'family' has been catering to the needs of Kansas City for years.  As owners and chefs, we come from some of KC's most renowned restaurants, catering, and corporate event companies.  We are proud to offer you quality, convenience and fun in every one of our clean and attractive food trucks. 

Our 'family' caters to those 'hard to feed' groups. Need to feed your entire staff for a meeting or a month? Planning a little party for 50 to 5000 of your closest friends?? Fugetaboutit! Hosting a Promotional event? Block Party?? Company, School or Church luncheon??? We got you covered! Special dietary requirements or food allergies? No problem! Our trucks have the answers for your gluten-free, paleo, reduced carb, and healthy lifestyles. Just can't decide between tacos or barbeque? DON'T! Call in the mafia!! Kansas City's Food Truck Mafia!!!

(Piano wire and concrete shoes not included.)

                    You've gotta EatOutStanding!™

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