3) I’m getting married and interested in Food Truck(s) for our reception, rehearsal dinner or post reception feast.

First, congratulations! Our trucks can be booked for daytime and evening events with a minimum lead time of three weeks. We can work with your venue to handle parking, permitting, arrival, departure and placement of your truck. Cost for booking a Mobile Food truck can range from an average of $700 - $2,000 (this is an estimate given without knowing headcount or menu choice). Booking our trucks based trucks outside our service area may increase your cost due to travel time and gasoline costs.

In addition, our trucks are also available for FULL SERVICE CATERING. Fees for full service catering will vary per truck.Email us for more details and a quote.  

2) How do I put on a successful Food Truck event? 
  • Number of attendees: The ideal ratio of attendees per truck is between 200 and 300, if everyone is expected to eat.  With less than 200, it’s difficult for the trucks to make money.  Over 300, the lines often get long and the customers are unhappy.  If it’s not an “eating” event, that ideal ratio should double.
  • Fee Structure: With all costs included, the trucks expect fees to be approximately 5-10% of their sales for the day.  If the fee is over 10% of sales, then we need an exceptional sales day to make up for it.  I know that a flat fee is often easier for the organizer.  If that fee structure is chosen, please keep in mind the trucks would ideally need 10x that fee in sales (after paying our sales tax) in order to profit.  If you choose a flat fee structure, we have recommended that our members ask for a guarantee of attendance and/or a minimum sales commitment.  Please do not be surprised if you see this as many festivals have promised the world and delivered less than ¼  of the projected attendance.
  • Attendance estimates: Often, food trucks have to prepare food days in advance.  If attendance is higher than anticipated, vendors run the risk of selling out well before the end of the event. Customers will go home angry and trucks have not capitalized on all possible sales.  Conversely, if tickets are selling slower than anticipated, the trucks may have to throw away product.  If you can provide estimates of attendance the Monday before, and then 48 and 24 hours before the event, it will help the trucks prepare appropriately.
  • Logistics of the event: Load in times:  Please keep in mind how load-in times impact our business.  We pay our employees from the time of load in.  Ideally, all trucks will be in position 1 hour prior to the start of the event.  If special temporary food facility permits are required, trucks should be in place and ready for health department inspection 2 hours prior to the event.  Please communicate load in times 2 weeks in advance.  Trucks need to schedule employees’ hours 1-2 weeks in advance.  Without knowing the load-in times, it makes scheduling very difficult
  • VIP Times:  We understand that VIP tickets are important to some customers and profitable for the venue.  VIP times are not profitable for the trucks because we are feeding only a handful of people.  Please limit VIP times to half an hour.  The customers will get to eat their pick of 2-3 trucks without lines, the organizers make money, and the trucks break even.
  • Organization:  The most successful festivals we have seen have impeccable organization.  The day is scheduled to the minute, trucks locations are clearly marked, everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing at all times of the day.  Specific items to be wary of are:

                                               Layout of trucks:  Plan for the most popular gourmet food trucks to have longer lines that others.               .
                                              Waste facilities:  Pay attention to the quantity and location of trash cans and restrooms to keep the                                                                                   area  clean and in compliance with all codes and regulations. 

* SocalMFVA http://socalmfva.com/organizers/  

Frequently asked questions

10) Do I need to worry about Insurance or Health and Fire Permits for the trucks?

KC Food Truck Mafia holds our trucks to the highest standard keeping all permits and inspections current. Each truck carries their own insurance, most with a minimum of 1 million dollars liability coverage. We are happy to provide copies of documents as necessary.

9) I’m confused by the wide range in minimums and pricing listed above.

We hesitate to put arbitrary pricing on the trucks because more often than not the initial quote changes and we try our best to avoid surprises. We offer a wide variety of services and do not have hidden charges. We maintain a transparent cost breakdown for each event. After we get through initial conversations with you regarding your event, we will provide you with a proposal and contract. Our contracts clearly spell out exactly what we are doing for you and how much it will cost.

6) We are hosting an event and do not want to use tickets. We want guests to be able to eat as they wish. How do we pay for a service like that?

Each truck is an independently owned business and operates in a unique fashion with different product, staff size, food costs, etc. We would work with you to determine the correct amount of food for each truck to have on hand depending on attendance, menu size, and number of trucks. We would ensure that trucks do not run out of food, slow in production or turn people away. When we ask trucks to stop counting and just serve, it is considered a BUY-OUT. To buy out a truck you will pay more than a controlled situation, but your guests do not deal with tickets and eat whatever they would like. Email usfor more details about a BUY-OUT. 

5) We are throwing an event and would like to have between three and six trucks to serve a tasting menu for guests. We would like our guests to taste different items from a number of trucks.

Together with the client, we will create a ticket system for the guests. We can provide guests with one ticket for each truck (color specific) or a number of generic tickets (each good for one taste from any truck). A ticket system will allow us to control the amount of food consumed by each guest and will give us an accurate count at the end of your event. We can also create a dessert and/or drink voucher. Without knowing menu and truck choices, generally trucks will each require a $700 to $2,000 minimum depending on estimated number of guests. Trucks will collect and return all tickets after the event. If the minimum is not met, the difference will be billed to the client. No food or beverages are given to take home nor will gift certificates be issued to make up for not meeting the full minimum.  With the tasting option, clients can expect costs to run between $18 and $30 per guest. Kansas City's Food Truck Mafia requests a lead time of four to twelve weeks for an event of this size.

4) My company is having an employee appreciation event, company picnic or client event. We would like to have two or three trucks on site for guests to choose from.
For each truck You can choose to either to have your guests either (A) pay their own meals or (B) use a ticket system. 

We would highly recommend creating a ticket system for your guests to help control cost, food consumption and to provide us with an accounting system on the back end. Each guest would receive one ticket good at any of the trucks. Attendees choose one meal and a drink from the truck of their choice. Depending on truck and menu choice, trucks would each require a minimum of between $700 and $2,000. Giving the guests the option of trucks, some trucks may go over the minimum and others may not. Differences will be billed to the client. We will return all tickets to you at the end of the day allowing you to see exactly what was served. With this option you can expect to pay between $10 and $15 per person. Kansas City's Food Truck Mafia requests a lead time of four to eight weeks for any event of more than 200 attendees.

1) Are Food Trucks Clean?  

Food trucks undergo rigorous inspections by Health Departments, often times multiple Health Departments operated by different counties or states.   Sanitation and safe handling of our food ensures the highest quality in the food we serve.  The KC Food Truck Mafia holds our trucks to the highest standards and  maintains the cleanest and most beautiful food trucks in Kansas City.  

8) We want to have a fundraiser event and would like to have a few food truck there to serve food.  We would also like to ask for the trucks to donate a percentage of the proceeds. 

Multiple options can be worked out to best fit the needs of your fundraising goals. 

It is important to understand the operational costs for a food truck to service an event such as this. Factors to consider are food cost, food waste, travel cost, labor cost, cooking fuel, and supplies.  After all costs are factored in, a percentage of the average net profits would then be considered for donation.  Operational costs will be different for each truck therefore it would be difficult for you to estimate fundraising proceeds to meet your goals. Other factors to consider are the number of attendees eating.  This estimated number will determine the amount of food to prepare as to prevent excessive food waste. Alternatively, it would be recommended to set a flat dollar amount for attendees to donate on top of the food trucks' standard meal price.    Email us for more details regarding fundraising events. 

7) We work in an area with few lunch options and our business park is interested in bringing Food Trucks to our parking lot for lunch services.

We are always looking to expand our locations and are happy to talk with you about the size of your facility, days of desired service, number of offices nearby and access for each individual trucks.  Email us for details about a contracted lunch service. 

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